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The Grandview VIctorian Orchestra - our Victorian band

River Crossing, Inc. - Sharon and Mike Guli's site.  Sharon is a dance mistress, seamstress, organizer for Victorian balls and so much more.  Mike is an artist, mountain man, also a historian and makes wonderful authentic high end leather clothing.

Durango Heritage Celebration - GVO performs annually for the Grand Victorian Ball

Strater Hotel in Durango - This hotel and its proprietor are key participants and supporters for the DHC. 

Tina Gugeler - our Hammered Dulcimer players website

Colorado Friends of Old Time Music and Dance - CFOOTMAD  Denver/Boulder dance organization.

Friends of Traditional Dance - FOTD  Ft. Collins dance organization.

Abe Lincoln Alive - A dancer, historian and friend. 

Single Action Shooting Society - (SASS) An organization with 100,000+ members.  GVO performs for various events.

Cheyenne Regulators - A chapter of SASS

Sand Creek Raiders - A chapter of SASS

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